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Guerilla Cafe, Berkeley

June 15, 2008

There are a few things that make the Guerilla Cafe on Shattuck Avenue in North Berkeley worth visiting, and high on the list is the FOOD. This is just the kind of place that I like lately; unpretentious, casual, easy-going and defiantly delicious, despite the challenges they face from a uh, shall we say, organizational front.

The disarray on a Sunday morning when they’re busy is palpable, but if you check your emotional baggage at the door, prepare for a bit of a wait and the fact that tables aren’t just first-come, first-served, they’re first for whoever can grab them, then you’ll be alright.

We were three this morning, including a baby, and although the place was jumping as expected on Father’s Day, the staff was pleasant as always. Blue Bottle Coffee, organic fruits and grains, an excellent pressed egg and cheese croissant sandwich, and a blueberry waffle were all pretty much right on point. I also had a poached egg on sourdough toast, which they do well. The toast is thin and crisp, but not quite dry, and I do love the way egg-poachers make those perfect little circular eggs. The craft of egg-poaching in open water may be on the demise…but the quality and consistency of poached eggs is definitely on the rise

I can’t tell if these folks are communists, democrats, libertarians or what, but they’re activists and they’re artists, they’re food-lovers fighting for a better world, one breakfast at a time…and they are definitely all Berkeley.  The client mix is about as Berkeley as anywhere else in town, with starry-eyed hippies and equally starry-eyed UC Berkeley profs sharing the long counter, with small families and typical Gourmet Ghetto habitues filling out the rest of the joint.

There’s a lot of love at the Guerilla Cafe…stop in and grab some when you can.

From a series of Guerilla Cafe postcards...some are avilable at the Cafe...

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