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about AGFB

i created agoodfoodblog to share my love of food. i’m a former chef with more than ten years of professional cooking experience in some really nice places. currently i am a restaurant and bar consultant and kitchen designer.

i have always had strong feelings about food and its role in culture and society. these are feelings that are borne out of a great deal of time spent studying food systems, agriculture, fishery science and of course, the culinary arts. as a chef, i have always thought it was a shame that so many of my fellow foodservice workers, cooks and waiters, knew so little about where their food originated. from the farm to the table, every decision we make regarding the food we eat resonates in so many ways. i am a firm believer in the organic movement but perhaps more importantly, i think it’s particularly valuable to eat locally. if you’ve found your way here, i hope you feel the same.

please support your local farmers. join a CSA and eat in season and help build regional food security. work towards sustainability. the choices that we make as individuals add up to the direction we take as a group. there are lots of things we can do to promote the good life, starting with good food.

while i’m proselytizing…take mass transit. ride a bike. learn to play an instrument, and perhaps most importantly, get in the kitchen and cook for your friends and family.

i’ve been telling as many people as i could get to listen for many years that the number one thing they can do to improve their health and the health of the planet is to cook for themselves and others as often as possible.

this blog is way to share my thoughts about cooking, eating, designing and pondering the great culinary pie in the sky. of course, i’ll also be reviewing some restaurants along the way.

i hope you enjoy it….and please come again.

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  1. March 8, 2009 2:50 pm

    you have an interesting take on cooking, and it seems appilicable to many life values. how can someone truly call themself an expert if they have not experienced every micromanaged step leading up to their expertise. nice work.

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