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Cindy McCain’s Plagiarized “Family” Recipes

April 16, 2008

I try to steer away from politics that aren’t at least peripherally related to food, but this story is just too good to keep all bottled up inside any longer.  And it’s food related, right?

Apparently, thieving drugs from her non-profit foundation wasn’t enough for Cindy McCain, she’s now gone and pillaged recipes from the Food Network.  Check it out at the Huffington Post.  VERBATIM in most cases.  I’ve allocated more than my share of recipes for personal use, but I amend them, I change them, I update them, I personalize them.  And I sure as shit don’t pass them off as my family recipes within the context of a presidential campaign.

If I can’t trust you to at least make some attempt at creative thinking, how can I trust you to be the First Lady?  The answer, clearly, is that I can not.  I’d be willing to bet $9000.00 that Mrs.McCain wouldn’t know her Nam Pla from her Sriracha if you tossed her in Gitmo for a month.  I bet she couldn’t find either of them in a grocery store either.  C’mon Cindy, I know you love AGFB as much as the next proud American, so tell us…What happened here?

Audacity indeed.  Screen shots from their cached Google page too:

Via Huffington post...Thanks for Sharing!

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