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Back With A Bang – And Bittman

June 1, 2008

I’ve been a fan of Mark Bittman’s for quite some time now. He wrote a series of cookbook’s with Jean-Georges Vongerichten that were pretty inspiring to me as a young cook, and I continue to enjoy much of his work with the Times.

Here’s a talk he gave as part of the TED Series, and it sure hits home. I wish I had found out about it earlier, as it’s from late 2007, but it’s just as relevant today.  Come to think of it -I’m quite terribly remiss in not bringing this to you sooner, but the internets is a big place, and some things can get missed.

The synopsis is that the solution to what ails us is not just about organic food, or about local or seasonal food, but that it’s about GOOD FOOD which is thoughtfully produced, thoughtfully prepared, and thoughtfully consumed. I kid you not, he uses a slide in there about halfway through that should be an ad for my blog. In addition to saving your waistline and your health, better eating can also help save the planet. According to Bittman (and I don’t doubt these numbers given that they were already astronomically high when I first started getting appalled at factory farming as an undergrad some 15 years ago…) livestock production creates more greenhouse gases than transportation.  Second only to energy production!

One of the running themes is an acknowledgment that eating far less meat/poultry and cheese is not only a sensible health move to make, but a sensible political one as well. Sound familiar? If you read agoodfoodblog much you know I firmly believe that all progressive, forward-thinking individuals must consider their diet as carefully as they do their votes…sometimes more so.

It runs about 20 minutes but he’s both an engaging and funny man, so it’s pleasant all the way through.

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