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This Is Why We’re All Fat

April 3, 2009

By now you’ve all seen the wonderfully cynical and disgusting food-porn site ThisIsWhyYou’reFat and have shared some of your favorites with close friends and loved ones, but a little digging turned up a not so ironic list of similarly foul sounding junk food.  The state of Texas is known for many things – villainous ex-presidents, SXSW, etc. – and its culinary traditions are vibrant, strong, and often fried.

The Bigtex State Fair has a remarkable list of painfully fried foodstuffs in its annual contest.  Here\’s my favorite of the finalists…

Yup.  That's chicken fried bacon alright.

Yup. That's chicken fried bacon alright.

Only 174 days left until the grand fiesta.  Start exercising now so you’ll be fit as a fiddle for all the fine fixins’.

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  1. July 8, 2009 1:13 pm

    I really want to try this.

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