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The Inaugural Luncheon

January 20, 2009

Must be good to be the King.  Props to Duckhorn for making the cut.

Check it here:

For reference, a brace of birds is in this case referring to a pair.  I prefer the use of brace as in Lord of the Rings when Sam tells Gollum how much he enjoys eating potatoes with a brace of conies.  In this case it’s a bit too Queen’s English for my taste, but I guess the Inauguration brings out a little pomp in everyone.

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  1. January 23, 2009 2:37 pm

    nice blog. i recently tasted the two Duckhorn wines served at the inaugural luncheon. check out my reviews:

  2. Cory Cartwright permalink
    January 23, 2009 2:41 pm

    I dig Duckhorn, but Korbel? I think there is so many worthier American sparkling producers.

  3. January 23, 2009 2:46 pm

    i wondered about the korbel pick too. obviously a special cuvee and they sure have name recognition, but if it’s my money or my mouth, for domestic bubbly i prefer schramsberg any day of the week.

  4. Cory Cartwright permalink
    January 23, 2009 4:33 pm

    Schramsberg, Piper Sonoma, Gloria Ferrer, Iron Horse, J are all better hell even Gruet out of New Mexico makes better sparkling. At least it wasn’t Cooks.

  5. Cory Cartwright permalink
    January 23, 2009 4:37 pm

    Good blog by the way. I’m at

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